Diesel-powered heater

The diesel-powered heaters from Weltem are highly economic, yet extremely effective. Weltem heaters use 99.9% of the burning fuel, whereby the burning process is clean, quiet, odourless and has a high level of fire safety. The heating system is also environmental-friendly.

Energy saving – fuel consumption below one litre per hour, electricity consumption within the control unit and ignition 40 W.
Quick and effective heat distribution; the heat is transferred to objects and people.
Does not dry the air (compared to conventional radiators).
The infrared technology does not create circulating air currents (compared to blowers).
Able to heat up to 248 m2.
Easy digital control system with a timer (four programs).
Convenient remote control, allowing you to use the device from a distance.
Quiet, merely 40 dB.
High level of fire safety (17 security elements).
Portable (on wheels).
Can also be used in extreme outdoor conditions (except rain).
Fuel level indicator displayed on a screen (automatically turns off when fuel runs out).
Easy to maintain.
The possibility to install a transfer pipe for the heat energy released on burning (heat pipe/condensate pipe/smoke pipe from stainless steel, Ø 80 mm), for example, in another room, another floor, or in extreme cases outside the building, although this is not necessary.

Areas of application: large garages; car and tractor maintenance; agricultural equipment in storage halls, construction sites; office areas, country homes, summer cottages, open terraces (restaurants, home terraces, summer kitchens); catering services, outdoor events (in party tents); sales halls, pavilions, exhibition halls and tents; PVC hangars, arch hangars; recreation centres, sports halls; industrial premises; churches; gardens; other unheated spaces, temporary premises.

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