Hangar with PVC covering

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  • Hangars with PVC covering on hot-dip galvanised steel structures are the best choice for expanding warehouse or production areas.
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Our product range includes hangars fully finished with PVC covering, hangars with a PVC-fabric roof and profiled sheet walls as well as halls for bulk materials with a PVC-fabric roof and concrete block walls, which can be installed on asphalt as well as compacted gravel without the need to carry out large-scale preparatory work. The biggest advantage of the PVC hangars is the fact that there are no inconvenient supporting columns in the centre of the hangar. Based on our experience, the lifespan of our PVC hangars is more than 20 years.

The frame of the hangar is made of bolt-connected hot-dip galvanised steel. The hot-dip galvanised steel structure (standard BS/IS EN 1SO 1461) is resistant to corrosion over long periods.
PVC-hangar roof is made of white and translucent PVC covering, the hangar requires only little artificial lighting during daytime. The density of the PVC covering of the hangar walls is 900 g/m2 and the fire resistance class of the material is B-s2, d0.
We can also provide an advanced version of hangars fully finished with PVC covering in the form of combination hangars with steel walls covered with profile sheet and a roof made of PVC fabric.
The project will be adapted according to the needs of the customer who can also select the location, type (sliding or folding) and size of the doors, which are equipped with an automation system, if necessary.

Application areas of PVC hangars:
• Warehouses
• Equestrian arenas
• Garages for heavy machinery
• Production buildings

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