A high-quality pergola for the garden or terrace at a price from €1,439

Scandipro Pergola for the demanding user

The pergola creates a pleasant and shady place in the garden or on the terrace. Designed to fit any garden or terrace. The pergola can be used to separate a garden or terrace and create a cozy relaxation area. The construction is made of aluminum, which makes the model more durable and stable. Assembling the modules is easy and convenient.

The pergola is also a decorative element in the garden that enhances both the terrace and the garden.

What is Pergola?

A pergola is a structure with an open or partial roof, usually used as a shelter and decorative element in gardens or terraces. It consists of four pillars with cross beams between them.

Pergola use

  1. Shelter from light rain and sun.
  2. A nice place to hang out, eat or relax.
  3. Separation of garden or terrace.
  4. Growing plants.
  5. Decorative element in garden design.